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kese exfoliating mitt

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recreate the time-honored​ ​Turkish bath(hamam) experience in your own home by shedding some skin in your own bathroom. 

kese is an exfoliating mitt for the body, made out of raw silk and cotton, and is traditionally used in Turkish baths to exfoliate the body by a dedicated attendant in the bath called “keseci” (the exfoliating person). it promotes lymphatic drainage, circulation and anti-aging. kese is the answer to bumpy skin, and leaves you beautiful, soft, and silky. once you use a kese, you’ll never look back!

unlike modern scrubbing alternatives,​ ​a kese has no microplastic byproduct​!​ just a kese and warm water does the exfoliation, making it the most sustainable way to exfoliate. upon your order, you will be emailed detailed instructions as to how to use a kese. 

a kese usually lasts 5-10 years with good maintenance.