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how to use the kese exfoliating mitt


“Kese” (pronounced “keh-say”) is a scrubbing mitt for the body, traditionally used in Turkish baths (hamam) as a skin cleansing ritual, performed by a “tellak” (bath attendant). Unlike modern alternatives, a kese has no microplastic byproduct! Just a kese and warm water does the exfoliation, making it the most sustainable, waste-free way to exfoliate.

The kese promotes lymphatic drainage, circulation and anti-aging. Kese is the answer to bumpy skin, and leaves you beautiful, soft, and silky. 

This kese is handwoven from raw silk and linen, without any synthetic fibers. With proper upkeep, your kese should last you for around  5 years, even up to 10 years! 


Traditionally before the kese is applied in the bath, the bathers take a few minutes on the hot stone to prep their skin for exfoliation. Since most modern homes don’t have this (goals!), we advise the following steps to get the most out of your kese:

  1. Do not apply lotion or soap before you use the mitt. Your skin must not be slippery. Use the mitt before you wash your hair and body. Exfoliating should be your first step in the shower since haircare products and soaps leave a film on the skin.
  2. If you have time, soak yourself under warm water or steam for a couple of minutes to open your pores and prep your skin for exfoliation. The more you wait in warm steam, the better. We recommend only using the kese on your body since it may be too harsh on your face. 
  3. Before you use the mitt, dampen it under warm water, wear it on your hand like a glove and start applying it on your damp skin. Turn off the shower, save water. (also your kese does not apply well under flowing water) 
  4. Use circular motions and start gently. You will visibly see the results after a few strokes! Expect to see some dead skin!
  5. More pressure means more exfoliation. if you are a beginner, start gently. In time, you may try building up the pressure to get a deeper exfoliation.
  6. After exfoliation, wash your body using a moisturizing soap (we recommend all natural olive oil soap) and follow up with a body lotion (important after exfoliation!).
  7. You can anticipate that your skin will be slightly irritated after the kese application. Please make sure to be gentle the first few times, and always moisturize afterwards. You may start to build up the force of your exfoliating over time.
  8. We recommend enjoying some tea after the shower to bask in the afterglow of your traditional Turkish Bath body care ceremony.
  9. You can repeat this process every 2 weeks or so. The skin needs time in between kese sessions so avoid doing kese too frequently.


  • After each use, rinse it well with water to make sure the dead skin is washed off.
  • Hang dry your kese, either in your bathroom or outdoors. Do not leave it in water (especially soapy water) for extended periods of time.
  • At any point, keep the kese away from soap. Soap makes the kese less efficient and damages its texture.

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