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our story


‘bedestan’ comes from the rich tradition of mediterranean commerce—a story spanning thousands of years, from hellenistic greece into ottoman times. 


a ‘bedestan’ is a covered market; the center of commercial activity in major cities, a place where artisans and traders from around the world brought and sold their finest items.

this commercial tradition culminated in istanbul’s grand bazaar, which for 250+ years was the key connection between europe and asia. during these years, the grand bazaar was the world’s premier market, unparalleled in its luxury, abundance, and variety.

bedestan is a modern update to this tradition, inspired by the intimate turkish bathing rituals. here you’ll find unique yet traditional pieces for the internationally inclined, modern home. we emphasize the quality and sustainability of small-batch artisanal making, wrapping it in the most eco-friendly convenience that e-commerce has to offer. 

bedestan is turkish female owned -- founded in istanbul and currently has offices in istanbul and miami.