what we're about

we believe the things we carry with us should be made in harmony with the world:
sustainable in essence, make, and use.

we are often handed someone else’s guess as to what the future should look like. we believe the past offers more dependable answers. not so long ago, the things we made were sustainable because they had to be.

bedestan was founded on pursuing this:
on sustainability, quality, and tradition.

in these threads, you’ll find a time-tested form of intimacy, developed over centuries in Anatolian bathing rituals. bedestan curates the best bath products found to this day. treasures loomed, used, and loved in Anatolia for generations.

we invite you to join the tradition with us.

handwoven robes

blended from the highest quality linen and cotton and hand-woven in small batches by Turkish artisans, our signiture line brings you the most comfortable, authentic and sustainable robe there is.

handwoven turkish towels

our pestemals are hand crafted with the most traditional techniques to bring your the highest quality towel experience with multi-fuctionality in mind.

what is a pestemal?

pesh - te - mal

pestemals are towels traditionally used in Turkish baths. 

the pestemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries quicker, and takes up less space. because of this, it is especially ideal for traveling, camping, haircare and baby care

pestemals are an eco-friendly and ethical alternative to regular terry-cloth towels, both in their make and use. they require ~30% less energy to launder and release no synthetic fibers to the water.

our pestemals are made from 100% natural turkish cotton & linen and can be used for variety of purposes: as picnic spreads, throws, beach towels and scarves. they are made to last for years.