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bedestan brings a curated selection of turkish artisanal goods to your home. our products come to you from antakya, turkey, crafted in the anatolian weaving tradition, inspired by the bathing rituals of hamams. our products are made to last, sustainably sourced, ethically crafted and made with tradition.


each of our products are crafted in small-batches. because of this, some of the styles you see are limited edition only. this helps us keep the production process as sustainable as possible, and also makes each of our products unique.

each of our products are woven by hand, one by one, and then dyed in batches. because of this, items may show slight differences in the tone of the colors and textures. we hope that you can appreciate their unique identity.

what is a pestemal?

pronounced pesh-te-malalso known as turkish towels. 

a staple of ottoman hammam culture dating back hundreds of years, the pestemal was originally designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy. they quickly gained broader use as towels, as they have been used by generations. in addition to being highly absorbent, pestemals dry faster than thicker towels and get softer with each wash. our pestemals are made from 100% turkish cotton which has long fibers that open up with use, allowing the thin towels to be highly absorbent.

why pestemal?

the pestemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries even quicker, and takes up less space. because of this, it is especially ideal for traveling, camping and baby care.

pestemals are also an eco-friendly alternative to regular terry-cloth towels, both in their make and use. they require ~30% less energy to launder and release no synthetic fibers to the water.

pestemals not only make great towels but also work as throws, spreads and blankets; perfectly multi-purpose for the modern home!

our robes are sewn by hand out of pestemals, so they carry pestemals’ quality and function in the form of a robe. these items are ideal as loungewear because of its breathable, comfortable cotton & linen blend.

premium line 

100% turkish cotton & linen, dyed with natural, plant derived dyes, and hand-woven in the most sustainable way possible in very small batches due to the availability of certain yarns.

these textiles are loomed by a family master weavers who has been weavers for 6 generations, in their home atelier in the southeast town of antakya, one of the last one of its kind.

our premium robes are crafted from  2-3 premium pestemals and hand sewn together by a local seamstress.

our premium line represents the most traditional, high-quality, and sustainable textiles that turkey offer. 

the kese exfoliating mitt

read about the kese and find out how to use yours here!

bedestan prioritizes transparency with both its suppliers and customers. if you have any questions about our products, their function, or how they are made, please do not hesitate to email our team at hello@bedestan.co