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sizing & care


premium robes 

our premium robes are offered in 3 sizes: small-medium, medium-large and large- extra large. the premium robes are loosely sized to accommodate different bodies and provide a comfortable fit. please check the measurements below before you choose your size. 

the premium line comes pre-washed so a drastic shrinking is not expected and the initial was is not necessary. they come ready for you to use!

  • if you are a women's small, we recommend a small-medium
  • if you are a women's medium or a men's small, we recommed a small-medium or medium-large (if you'd like it looser)
  • if you are a women's large or a men's medium, we recommend a medium-large or a large-xlarge (if you'd like it looser)
  • if you are a women's xlarge or a men's large, we recommend a large-xlarge

*all measurements taken when the robe is laid out on a flat surface. if you would like a size other than those listed, please get in touch with us at

the weight of one robe is around 1.7 lbs.

premium pestemals are the standard size of 78.7 in X 39.3 in. The weight of one pestemal is around 0.88 lbs.


essential robes 

for the essential line robes, the sizes run true to size. if you'd like to make sure it is a looser fit, we recommend sizing up. please also consider the essential robes may shrink a little after the first wash. The weight of one robe is around 1.8 lbs.

the essential line comes unwashed. so an initial wash on cool is recommended and a little shrinkage is expected. 

essential pestemals are the standard size of 66 in X 39.3 in. The weight of one pestemal is around 0.88 lbs


care instructions

all of our products are handmade and gently dyed, so please care for them gently.
  • machine wash in cool water or hand wash when you can.
  • line dry or tumble dry in low.
  • please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat.
  • wash on cool before the first use or soak in cool water for a few hours. the essential line may shrink a little upon the first wash.
  • ironing will smooth the texture after washing your pestemal, and make it feel like brand new!