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kese exfoliating mitt

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recreate a time-honored​ ​Turkish bath​ (hamam) experience in your own home by silking your skin.
the kese is an exfoliating mitt for the body made out of raw silk and cotton. unlike modern scrubbing products,​ ​a kese has no wildlife-endangering microplastic waste. just a kese and warm water does the trick, making it the most sustainable way to exfoliate.
even better, these silky mitts can last years (up to 10!!) with good maintenance, protecting your wallet while you perfect your silky smooth skin.
weekly kese use makes your skin softer and smoother, and promotes lymphatic drainage, good circulation, anti-aging. it's even perfect for preparing for a spray tan (or removing one). 
find out what keeps Turks' skin so supple and clear!
when you purchase a kese, we'll send a simple how-to guide on usage. 

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