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stone premium pestemal

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100% all natural turkish cotton.

our premium line offers the highest quality pestemals (Turkish towels): handwoven turkish cotton, all ethically sourced, 100%-cruelty free, and hand crafted.

made to last a lifetime.

traditionally used in turkish baths, pestemals are lightweight, absorbent, fast-drying and ecologically sustainable. they are known for their luxuriously soft feel, versatility, and unparalleled convenience. deeply rooted in the textile traditions of turkey, pestemals are a household essential.

can be used as bath towels, beach towels, throws, spreads or scarves. pestemals are the sustainable alternative to terry-cloth towels; requiring less energy to launder and less space to store.

manufactured in a small family atelier in the southeast region of turkey; the last of its kind.

care instructions:

machine wash in warm or cold water. tumble dry on low or line dry. please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. wash before the first use.

our pestemals get softer after each wash.